Our Services

Same-Day Shipping

With Champion Components, Inc. the majority of your orders will be shipped same-day.



We work with each of our customers to design a custom, in-house inventory plan that minimizes both customer expense and time.

Bin Stock

We manage your inventory by bringing what you need to you. With our customers in mind, we customize a schedule per your quantity requirements to ensure your minimum and maximum levels are met.

Hold and Release Orders

We work with our customers to create a flexible shipping schedule by shipping your order as you need it. When you place a future shipment order, you have the flexibility to alter your shipment dates as soon as we have your order in stock.


With our custom kitting and packaging services, your order will be assembled to meet your specific packaging requirements.


Our decades of knowledge about shipping services ensure that we ship the right product on time and to the right location. We offer custom crating and shipping designed to each of our customer’s needs, to ensure your shipment will arrive intact at the most economical rate available. We use UPS, FedEx, LTL, and independent carriers to ship both domestically and internationally.

We ship worldwide & offer same-day shipping

for both domestic and international needs.